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The finest quality water for your home.


High efficiency and value

If you're looking for a water conditioner with ultimate power and efficiency, look no further. We offer you the best by providing a great product called the Kenetico Signature Series. We offer High-quality softening resin and generous system capacity.

WQA  NSF/ANSI 44 certification

When you choose the GE Pro Elite, you get the highest flow rates available, providing you the most efficiency for your water conditioning.


You can only get the GE Pro Elite from an authorized dealer. We can help get it installed quickly and efficiently so that you can start enjoying it from today.

How the

GE Pro Elite Works

The unit works by Ion Exchange. The water flows through a bed of small resin beads. If any undesired minerals are present in the water, it will get attached to the beads.

The clean water moves through the riser tube and is distributed into the home. The resin beads are then periodically recharged in order to continue to catch impurities.

Enjoy these

great benefits

There are many benefits to choosing the GE Pro Elite.

The patented analyzer, featuring 18k gold sensors, monitors your water 24/7 giving you a continuous supply of conditioned water. Additionally, the analyzer provides the highest efficiency (we have achieved California certification for efficiency) this means fewer regeneration cycles conserving both water and salt.

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