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The finest quality water for your home.


Efficient and effective improvements on water applications

“Kinetico Premier Series softeners are ideal for homes with challenging water conditions.”


(Gathered from Kinetico®)

Exceptional value and performance

Our clients have found great advances with the Premier Series Water Softeners.


The new series of water softeners has been considered to work best with larger plumbing and high water use. Without sacrificing water softness, the Premier Series provides substantial flow rates.

Ensured soft water regeneration

Running out of soft water in properties using a large amount of water is always a worry for their owners. With the new Premier Series, you are assured that while one tank is working, one tank will be on standby or regenerating.

Custom-fit water softerner for your home

The Kinetico Premium series introduces the Accudial® feature that aims to provide optimum efficiency, operational cost savings and waste reduction. Take advantage of the efficient and precise system for your property’s water conditions.

Acquire the Kinetico Premier Series under competitive pricing and build the water system that is right for you!

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(Photo from Kinetico®)

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