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The finest quality water for your home.


Made right here in the USA

Are you looking for a high quality water conditioning system? Get a load of the Pentair 7000, a valve that offers quality and efficiency like no other.

Higher output than normal

Pentair 7000 features a maximum resin capacity of 60,000 grains with a flow of up to 35 GPM.

The unit is NSF 44 certified and can be configured to both 1.0" and 1.25".


The unit also contains an advanced module that tells it when to regenerate the resin media bed.

This helps ensure your unit is running most efficiently. We deal with Clack WS1 and backwash services also.

- Specialized weather coatings

- 100% environmentally protected from moisture

and corrosion

- 27 years of use

- Engineered and tested

- Eliminates micro switch failures

- Lead-free piston design

- Genuine teflon coating

With so many great benefits with the Pentair 7000, it is easy to see why you may want to have your current system replaced with this one. When you do choose to have it installed,

you can trust that our experienced technicians are capable of getting it done.

We offer competitive pricing and personalized service on every job.

Call now to score great service from our techs.



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