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Water Systems

Great-tasting water shouldn’t be hard to find. With Kinetico’s Drinking Water Systems, it’s not! You can get great-tasting water from the comfort of your own home. Our drinking water systems will make sure your loved ones are drinking the best quality water there is!

Upgrade to Clean and Safe Water with Kinetico Water Systems.

Due to pollution, the water quality has severely lacked in the past years. Even though there are city water standards in place, these standards alone may not always fully ensure quality water for household use. Chlorine is often used to treat water in most cities, but consuming chlorinated water may lead to health issues. With our Kinetico Drinking Water Systems, you can rest assured that chlorine and other harmful contaminants will be removed from your water, providing you and your family with peace of mind and quality water.
Infinity Water provides free water tests to help test the quality of your water, as well as identify any potential water problems in your home. Our water treatment specialist will then recommend the best solution to fit your needs. The Kinetico drinking water systems can filter your home’s water and eliminate troublesome contaminants like metal, sulfur, bacteria, and other impurities, leaving you with an abundance of clean drinking water straight from the tap.
Another contribution of Infinity Water’s Drinking Systems is that they help to reduce plastic bottle waste and lessen electricity use. This is a great way to contribute to sustainability, while still making sure that your family has clean, quality drinking water.

The Juggernaut of Reverse Osmosis

K5 Drinking
Water Station® with Voc Guard

The Kinetico K5 is a premium reverse osmosis drinking water station. This advanced filtration system is
designed to provide a comprehensive solution for all your drinking water needs.
The K5 uses reverse osmosis technology to significantly reduce unwanted substances in your water.
These can include particles, minerals, and even microscopic contaminants that other filters may miss.
This process results in high-quality, crystal clear drinking water straight out of your tap.
One of K5’s unique features is its option for customizability. The K5 system allows for up to 5 different
filters to be utilized, giving an opportunity to tailor filtration based on one’s specific water conditions and needs. The standard configuration usually includes a pre-filter, reverse osmosis membrane, and post-filter, with the option to add two more filters to further enhance water quality.

The K5 with VOC Guard now comes standard with a VOC filter, giving you the ultimate protection from volatile organic compounds like gasoline, solvents, cleaners and degreasers, paints, inks and dyes, and pesticides. 

The K5 operates without the need for electricity and uses a metered, on-demand regeneration process.
This means the system only regenerates when necessary, thus conserving water and reducing operating

Furthermore, the Kinetico K5 comes with a dedicated faucet for dispensing the treated water and it
features the company’s QuickFlo® technology to deliver a strong, steady stream of clean water
whenever you need it.

In summary, the Kinetico K5 is a top-of-the-line choice for those seeking superior water quality that fits
their specific needs.

We invite you to call your local Kinetico water expert and learn more about this incredible drinking water system. VIEW K5 VIDEO

The Juggernaut of Reverse Osmosis

K5 Filters
The K5 is fully customizable in order to meet the needs of virtually any home. It also comes pre-configured in the four packages listed below. Each package is designed to address a specific set of filtration needs.

High Capacity Reverse Osmosis

AquaKinetic® A200 Drinking Water System

The Kinetico A200 is a reverse osmosis system that provides high-quality, filtered bottle quality water
straight from your tap. It’s specifically designed to reduce unwanted substances that may be present in
your water, such as lead, chlorine, and other contaminants that can cause unpleasant taste and odors.
The A200 employs a dual-stage filtration process to deliver clean and safe drinking water. The first stage
reduces particles and sediment, while the second stage, a high-quality activated carbon filter, reduces
contaminants that can affect the taste and quality of the water.
Moreover, it also features Kinetico’s signature quick-disconnect filter cartridges which make changing
filters a breeze. This ease of maintenance means you’ll spend less time worrying about changes and
more time enjoying your clean, filtered water.
The A200 operates without electricity, making it a reliable and efficient option for any household. It’s
designed to fit easily under your sink and comes with a lead-free tap that can be installed on your
countertop for easy access to pure drinking water.
In conclusion, the Kinetico A200 is a convenient and cost-effective solution for those seeking to enhance
the quality of their drinking water.

Refreshing Water Like Never Before

Kinetico Mac Guard 7500

The Kinetico Mac Guard 7500 is an advanced drinking water system that ensures your water is clean, pure and fresh. This system effectively filters and reduces elements that can make water taste and smell unpleasant, such as chlorine. Additionally, it removes a wide range of contaminants, including lead, various chemicals, and heavy metals, and is also capable of filtering out microplastics.

The ‘MAC’ in its name stands for ‘Metered Automatic Cartridge’, which accurately measures water usage and ensures you get optimum performance from the filter. Once the filter’s life is up, the system will automatically cut off the water supply reminding you it needs changing.

It is compact in size, fitting easily under your sink. But despite its smaller size, it performs effectively, providing a robust flow rate for daily usage. This product is most known for being efficient, low maintenance and for delivering high-quality drinking water.

The best system even better
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K5 A200 Model 7000 Model 7500
Limescale (hard minerals)
98% of contaminants
VOCs (with VOC filter)
Taste & Odor
Heavy Metal (such as lead)
MACguard® Shut off
QuickFlo® Storage Tank Option
Air Charge Storage Tank Option
Standard Lead Free Tap
Designer Lead Free Tap